Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wildfires in California

Living in the South Bay area of Southern California, I'm indirectly effected when wildfires rage. The recent Santa Ana wind conditions caused hurricane speed winds ripping through neighboring cities, resulting in devastating fire damage, Today, in the beach cities, we watched the skies become murky with smoke. Ashes fell like snow.
Before the fallout began, it was just another beautiful day at the beach. I rode north on the oceanside bikepath for my usual weekend ride to Playa del Rey.
At that point, as I headed for home, I was shocked to see the smoke eerily rolling in across the sky.

A few wildfires began today about 40 or so miles away. With the Santa Ana winds blowing from east to west, much of the smoke headed this way.

This shot is looking toward Palos Verde with Catalina Island at the end. It highligts the smoke cloud layer that formed this evening.

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