Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Insanity in LA

So you want to escape the winter snow and cold.  Maybe you should move to the beach in Los Angeles and soak up all that sun. 
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Here is a nice place for you.  It's along the beach Strand and you are only a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean. 
Thousands of people walk in front of your place and there is plenty of volleyball in front of you. 
Every day is like summer and you can feel the ocean breeze (as it rusts all your metal possessions) daily.  Sounds like paradise?
Well, it comes at a price.  Read the sign.  XL  2 bedroom, utilities and parking.  Only $3000 a month you say?  Better jump on this before someone else does.  Treat yourself this New Year.
Think about it.  3 year's rent can buy you a decent home and 5 year's buys you a mansion in the midwest.  But then again, you wouldn't be in paradise now would you? So much for real estate in Los Angeles.

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