Monday, February 18, 2008

Nikon D300 in Lowlight

I know you have heard how great the new Nikon D3 is in lowlight situations. I can attest that the new Nikon D300 is no slouch. I recently photographed a sunset at the beach and as I started to walk home, I noticed a couple heading for the swing set. Already a half hour after sundown, I knew it would be difficult to slow down the motion with little available light, no tripod and no flash.

I set the D300 to ISO 1250 and fired away. I was amazed at the quality. While not as good as the D3, it remains impressive. Of course, the resolution of these two photos do not do justice to the camera. I must resize the image to 2” X 3” at 72dpi to make image file size small enough for the web. If you saw these in their native size and resolution, I think you would be amazed at the low noise level.

I think this picture shows he had the same idea as I did. He set his flash and camera to capture at the apex of her ascent. You can see the viewing screen on his camera waiting for the right moment. I hope his image was as good as mine. I am very satisfied with the new Nikon D300. It is an amazing camera that is residing at the top of the digital DSLR heap. Only the D3 is better right now. Don't hesitate to get one if and when you have the chance. You won't regret it.

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