Thursday, December 27, 2007

Moon Over Malibu

Photographing the moon is a fun but challenging process. This photo was taken just after sunrise just south of the Hermosa Beach Pier with Malibu in the background. It was the morning after the full moon.

Why is photographing the moon so popular? We see it so often yet we cannot resist phtotgraphing it again and again. It is always the same moon but we shoot it anyways.

The Challenge. The moon provides a challenge because we usually have a 15 or so minute window to take a good shot. The secret on a full moon morning shot is to take it the day before a full moon because it sets just before dawn. That provides with enough early morning light to balance out the shot.

The sunset shoot is just the opposite. Shot it the day before the full moon as it rises just before sunset. Shooting the day of the full moon can be good also. I will write about my favorite moon shot in the future. The small sliver of a moon just before and after the new moon is most satisfying.

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