Saturday, January 19, 2008

Patience Pays Off

I cannot count how many times I heard a photographer tell a story about how they were ready to give up on a shot due to frustration. The weather was bad or the animals were not cooperating, etc. For some reason they stayed with the shot and miraculously the sky opened and the money shot appeared upon command.

Recently I walked to the beach and scouted for a new location to photograph. The clouds were heavy and it could easily become overcast and a waste of time. I have a good knack for guessing if the clouds will break for a good sunset shoot or not. Today was debatable but I figured what the heck.

Upon arrival to my scouted location, the sky miraculously opened up and it allowed for my shots. These are the results.

The lesson learned is to stay with the shot until all hopes is lost. If you stay with it, you will get some amazing shots you never expected. Then again, there will be plenty of times where it is bomb. Such is life.

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