Monday, January 7, 2008

A Swinging Sunset

The new year brought a magical sunset with it. Late in the afternoon I monitored the clouds formations in the western sky. I made my way to the beach to prepare for the sunset. I had no location set in my mind as I departed.

As I came upon 2nd Street I noticed a family taking in the last of the day's light on the swingset. This made for a perfect composition to frame the sunset. With the light quickly changing and the swingers constantly changing position, I take more pictures than I should have. This gave me plenty of photos to choose from but a harder choice to narrow down the best shots.

As I sorted through the shots, I learned a lesson from the lens I chose. The wider lens (Nikkor 18-200mm) had the overall better shots. The telephoto lens (Nikkor 80-400mm) took sharp pictures of the swings but the depth of field of the sunset distracted from some shots. Presented for your approval are these shots as they were the best representations.

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